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What is E-commerce? E-commerce (electronic commerce or EC) is the activity of buying and selling of goods or services over the Internet. With the convenienc e offered by online shopping and e-commerce platforms, modern businesses are actively venturing into this model. Business models include business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), consumer-to-consumer (C2C) or consumer-to-business (C2B).

Many companies in Malaysia have followed the latest trend of bringing their businesses online rather than following traditional business models. There are many advantages of e-commerce software solutions for all businesses doesn’t matter if you are a start-up or mega-corporation. It is unavoidable that e-commerce is part of our lives where everyone is given easy access to smart phones and mobile technology. E-commerce introduces a lot of advantages such as being available anytime and anywhere, a wider selection of goods & services, and enhanced customer base . With e-commerce, countries and borders are no longer the limiting factors for your business growth as anyone can purchase products at the single click of a button.

In this technologically advanced era, a website functions as a retail outlet for your business. Compared to a physical outlet, running an online platform requires a lower cost. Say no more to paying expensive rent and utilities with e-commerce. Start-ups benefit the most as they are able to maximize profits while minimizing operational costs. With an e-commerce platform, it is not a dream to give your business a global presence in just a short period.

As an e-commerce application development company in Malaysia, we provide e-commerce software development solutions to our clients. Our solutions are able to integrate communication, security, data management, and multi-level marketing (MLM) features. At SeeSharp Solutions, we believe that each business is a unique entity with its own set of personalised needs and requirements. Therefore, we can provide custom e-commerce website design and software solutions to represent their uniqueness. Our ability to tailor make a custom solution that is designed according to your own specifications is what sets us apart from the rest. Our technical team will also support you and provide advice by giving technological insights. Professional advice is given on aspects to further improve and optimize your platform.

Illustration of e-Commerce Strategies

E-commerce Strategies

We develop an e-commerce strategy which you can enhance your brand and business value. It has higher transparency in terms of data which allows you to make specific goals and target audiences.

Illustration of convert traffic

Convert Traffic

We provide custom and effective solutions for every business and help you to convert traffic by using advanced techniques. An attractive and pleasing e-commerce website design is also designed to attract more users.

Illustration of superior branding

Superior branding

We uphold exceptional standards when it comes to developing your e-commerce application. This ensures that your brand is able to maintain a superior status quo in this competitive market.

Illustration of speciality applications

Speciality Applications

We are a group of skilled professionals. Equipped with the latest in technological knowledge and skills, we can provide the most optimum and comprehensive e-commerce software development solutions with MLM feature.

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